First up many digital marketers are aware of what an ICO is, however many SEO specialists are not very aware of what an ICO is and how to gain exposure to them.

In case you do not know an ICO is an Initial Coin Offering, what this is is similar to a business IPO except it is focussed on the capital raising for a cryptocurrency.

Many ICO operators will want to expose their website to their target market which is cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Capturing the right target audience is important as it may lead to a sale of their token or coin.

What does a good ICO website require?

Most ICO’s these days require a few standard things including:

  • A whitepaper – This is like an online business plan that covers the detail of the ICO.
  • Team: An outline of who is responsible and their past performance and future goals.
  • Tokenomics: This basically shows what the token/coin operators will do with the funding.
  • Roadmap: Obviously what the team has achieved to date and where it is looking to go.
  • Problem: Outlining the problem in detail and how this particular cryptocurrency is integrated
  • Solution: How this team, platform, and the cryptocurrency will solve the challenge above
  • The Market: This basically references how big the market is and usually references good sources to show how huge the money-making potential is.
  • Competitors: The team should be able to detail who their competitors are and perhaps do a SWOT analysis of their competition. A SWOT analysis is Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Here are ten ways to increase traffic to an ICO website:

  1. Join the relevant forums for cryptocurrency these include Bitcointalk and a few others.
  2. Join as many ICO listing websites as you can find a good one that INGAME credit listed on is CoinCodex there are many others out there.
  3. Try to list on some exchange websites such as the Saturn Network this is also free to do.
  4. Write relevant press releases and publish them on cryptocurrency websites. An example is This will provide you with a good platform to explain your press release. Here is our example Unfolded Crypto INGAME
  5. If you go onto Etherscan and prove you are the owner of the token. Etherscan will then update your EtherScan link with your website. Here is an example of INGAME on EtherScan.
  6. Publish your press releases via Fiverr. When you write a good press release just get a professional to just release it for you. This way it can save a lot of time.
  7. Free Faucets: Give some of your cryptos away! There are many sites that will help you be a faucet and provide your crypto for access to your website.
  8. Socials: As any normal SEO jump onto all the socials and grab the best handle. The usual suspects include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, myspace (Just kidding), Discord, and Telegraph.
  9. Update your site regularly with the usual onsite and offsite SEO tactics.
  10. Communicate with your audience, get back to them, and let them know that you are real.

This short update is a guest blog created for the team at Top Digital Guide by the team at In Game Credit. Hope we helped give you some insight into our marketing strategies. If you’re interested in crypto we have a free giveaway over at Prize Strike our feature cryptocurrency game.

About InGame (INGAME) is an ERC smart contract that integrates into games as a reward.